Solutions for sustainability


Ecological and sustainable solutions for the recovery of precious and critical materials

Ecomet Refining was established with the aim of promoting the recovery and refining of precious metals and critical raw materials found in electronic waste (E-Waste), scraps and waste from jewelry, dental, and industrial sectors.

The acronym Ecomet, “Ecology Metals,” underscores the company’s determination in continually seeking environmentally low-impact and sustainable processing methods to extract precious metals from waste in general.


Low environmental impact technology based on TBRC furnace

The main reason for Ecomet Refining’s success has been the development of an innovative, environmentally friendly, and highly competitive energy-based technology, based on a radical technical overhaul of the TBRC (Top Blown Rotary Converter) furnace, invented in the 1960s but used for other purposes.

With this advantage, Ecomet Refining is able to recover metals from waste using the energy contained within the waste itself, reducing methane gas usage by 75%, and, by combining the chemical properties of the waste, it does not require raw materials for melting. To date, Ecomet Refining remains the only company in Italy authorized to possess this technology.


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