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Precious metal and critical raw materials recycling from industrial waste to support circular economy.

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We recycle and recover precious metals and critical raw materials to provide innovative solutions for a sustainable future.


Recycling and


Electronic waste recycling, precious metals, and critical raw materials refining

The core business of Ecomet Refining is the recovery and refining of precious metals and critical raw materials present in electronic waste, lithium-ion batteries, catalysts, and photovoltaic panels. With over 100 years of know-how, Ecomet Refining holds the record for material recovery, enhancing the value of the contained metals.

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Saved CO₂

0.000 t/year

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0.000 t/year

Recycled metals extracted from waste

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Technological infrastructure is hurting the global ecosystem

The mining extraction of elements used to build electronic devices is one of the main causes of damage to the global ecosystem.

The problem is exacerbated by the increasing amount of electronic waste our society produces every day, without responsible management.


The research for environmental solutions

The issue of recycling electronic waste is becoming increasingly urgent. Over 80% of end-of-life consumer electronics end up in landfills, contaminating the surrounding environment with heavy metals and other substances.

However, these same elements are essential for innovative production.

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The action of Ecomet Refining and the circular economy

Recycling and recovery will increasingly play a crucial role in a sustainable world, and Ecomet Refining is ready to ecologically recycle and recover twelve types of precious metals defined as critical raw materials, thus contributing to the circular economy.

Mobile Phones, batteries, photovoltaic panels, and catalysts represent a new sustainable source of raw materials, and Ecomet Refining can recycle 18.000 tons of them.


Our licences

We have Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) licence and Environmental Authorisation No 2714.

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A sustainable approach
for the recovery of precious metals
certificazione rjc

Ecomet Refining achieved Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) compared to RJC’s Code of Practices (COP) 2019.

autorizzazione integrata ambientale

Ecomet Refining obtained the Integrated Environmental Authorisation (AIA) n° 2714 Reg. determinations registered on 23/11/2022.

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News from Ecomet Refining and press review

New partnership in the precious metals recovery and refining sector

New partnership in the precious metals recovery and refining sector: PH Investments srl acquires 49% of Refimet srl and 10% of Ecomet Refining srl PH Investments SRL...

The New TBRC has been delivered to Ecomet headquarters in Treviglio, 18.000 ton/year

The New TBRC has been delivered to Ecomet headquarters in Treviglio, 18.000 ton/year   With 18.000 t/year capacity rappresent the largest italian precious metals...


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