Ecomet Refining SPA | New Alliance
Core business of Ecomet Refining It is the recovery and the refining of precious metals content in industrial and goldsmith waste. For achieve the highest levels of competitiveness, we have recently improved our company with a unique ecological technology in Italy.
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PRESS RELEASE – 28.1.2022


PH Investments SRL (Holding of Legor Group) acquired on January 24th 2022 49% of Refimet SRL, a company of the Ecomet Refining SRL Group (Spino d’Adda, Cremona), leader in the recovery and refining of precious metals. The agreement provides the possibility for PH Investments to reach 100% within the next 5 years through call options.

PH Investments also enters Ecomet Refining SRL, acquiring 10% of the capital, with the possibility to increase it to 26% within the next 5 years by additional call options.

With this operation, the group further strengthens its presence in the increasingly strategic field of the recovery and refining of precious metals, with the aim of directly controlling the supply chain of precious and non-precious materials, guaranteeing their 100% origin from a circular economy and recycled sources.

Massimo Poliero (Vice President of PH Investments SRL) comments: « We are satisfied with the closing of this operation as we believe that the market linked to the recovery and refining of precious and non-precious metals represents an important opportunity for the growth of the Group. It is strategic both for the possibility of using 100% recycled metals, and for the possibility of further developments in the refining of low-grade products in the electronics and precious industrial waste. This partnership aligns with the Group’s management in matters of sustainability and traceability, allowing us to offer a complete service to our customers in the gold, silver and fashion sectors, both in Italy and internationally ».

Alberto Tosoni (CEO and Founder of Ecomet Refining SRL and Refimet SRL) comments: « This operation is strategic for us since our business, already widely consolidated in the industrial and electronic fields, will have the opportunity to further expand into the goldsmith, silverware and fashion sectors. The partnership with PH Investments strengthens our goal of becoming an international reference point in the recovery and refining of precious metals, embracing the concept of circular economy and green transition. Our vision is to enhance our production and commercial capacity by offering complete traceability of the entire supply chain. »

The operation (coordinated for PH Investments by Carmen Poliero AD, for the legal profiles by lawyer Vittorio Zattra, for the financial and fiscal profiles by Dott. Nicola Siviero of Studio ADM and by Studio Berto & Associati) allows Refimet SRL to give continuity to the activity carried out at the operational site of Spino d’Adda (CR); Ecomet Refining SRL will start its business at the new headquarters and production site in Treviglio (BG) from 2023.

In the photo, from the left:
Filippo Finocchi, Precious Metals Manager Legor Group S.p.A.
Massimo Poliero, CEO of Legor Group S.p.A. and Vicepresident of PH Investments SRL
Alberto Tosoni, Ecomet Refining SRL and Refimet SRL President
Roberto Guidali, Partner and Director of Ecomet Refining SRL and President of Italimpianti Orafi SPA